Why Use a Life Coach?

With a cost of living crisis still causing many to find it hard to make ends meet it is an entirely reasonable question to ask why should I invest in a life coach when I need to prioritise the basics? I completely understand this and would never advise anyone to invest in coaching if they could not meet their basic financial needs. But, assuming that these can be paid for the question is then; why pay for a coach and not a new pair of shoes, a meal out, or an uplifting trip to the theatre? These are all entirely worthwhile purchases but will they have a lasting impact? Probably not.

Coaching can and does make a huge difference to people lives.

Let me tell you about someone I recently coached.

This client is self employed and was undertaking work all over the area in which she lived. Every day she would get on her bike with her tools and go to separate jobs many miles apart. Understandably she was exhausted. She was also often broke and she couldn’t see how to make enough money in the time she had and also pursue her hobbies and interests.

After a few sessions, including one where the penny really dropped, she could see in a very visual sense, as this was how I came to understand was her learning style, that the way she worked wasn’t working. We drew a picture of her and her route across the area she lived. It looked like an explosion! And in many senses it was, an explosion of her energy being scattered across the miles!

Shortly after this she dropped her haphazard way of working and consolidated her work to closely within her local area.

Almost instantly she could see how draining her work pattern had been and how by making a relatively simple change she could organise her work to something much more profitable and less physically draining.

She also learnt an awful lot about how much time she allowed her clients to take for free and to firm up on her boundaries.

She now takes a whole day off a week to pursue her interests and is much happier for it.

Would she have made these changes without coaching? Perhaps, but I suspect it may have taken many more weeks if not months. She had become stuck and needed input from someone who had a bird’s eye view of her situation.

Coaching will allow you to leap frog over hurdles that may have confounded you for months or years, to make changes rapidly and boldly. It someones takes someone else to look at your problem from another angle for things to become clear. A benevolent witness.

I take a lot of pleasure seeing my client and her business go from strength to strength.

Let’s start a conversation and see where it takes you!

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